Embedded Librarian

Below are screenshots of modules I created and forum discussions I participated in as an online embedded librarian on Blackboard during the Spring 2016 academic semester. (I have removed identifying materials such as the class name and student names from the screenshots.)

  1. This is a picture of the content page of the blackboard class where the students can access the materials I added to the Blackboard class. (Link)
  2. This is all the page with all modules and information I posted to the Blackboard class. (Link)
  3. For the Research Skills module (Link), I created and embedded a handout for the class to use. It can be found here.
  4. The bulk of interaction with students occurred in the Librarian Forum. This was the front page of that forum where students could post questions and participate in discussions. (Link) I have also included some pictures of some of the discussions. (Link1) (Link2) (Link3)